Thérèse Brenet

Thérèse Brenet whose musical studies began at an early age received the first prize in piano at the Conservatoire of Reims.
Then, at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Paris, she received the first prizes in harmony, counterpoint and fugue; she finished her studies in 1965, carrying off the first prize in composition (named unanimously by the jury) and the Premier Grand Prix de Rome. Her teachers included Jean Rivier, Henri Dutilleux, Maurice Duruflé and Darius Milhaud. The Halphen Prize for fugue and composition was awarded her as well, and she distinguished herself as a prize-winner from the Coplay Foundation in Chicago and as an honorary member of the National Academy of History in Reims.

Upon returning from her stay at the Villa Medicis, she undertook several educational trips to foreign countries. Notable among these was her visit to Poland during the Autumn Festival of Warsaw, where she met with several Polish composers and derived therefrom a fruitful creative evolution. Returning to Paris in 1970, she was named immediately as professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (Paris).

Since then, her professionnal life has been divided between teaching and musical creation. Ms Brenet uses atonal material which she adapts in a personal fashion, rather than serially. She believes that a composer should become familiar with all the techniques of his time and assimilate them without allowing himself to be subjugated by them. She frequently utilizes aleatoric techniques and makes use of micro-intervals and wind instruments multiphonics as well. Her first work commissioned par the Radio, entitled Clamavit, for narrator, chorus and orchestra (recorded by the Orchestre Lyrique of O.R.T.F. under the direction of André Girard and assisted by Michel Bouquet) was selected to represent the French section of the Unesco Composers' Tribune, whereupon it was widely distributed abroad. Many other works have crossed the border as well, with performances in Rome, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Nürnberg, Utrecht, Tripoli, Tokyo, Montevideo, Yugoslavia, Dublin, etc...

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